3 hours ago

    National School Board Group Loses Most Funding After Calling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

    The leftist school board group that colluded with the FBI and the Biden administration to paint parents as domestic terrorists…
    4 hours ago

    Carjackers Using Apple AirTags to Track Expensive Cars for Later Theft

    Police in the UK have discovered that car thieves are using Apple computer's AirTags devices to steal high-end cars.
    4 hours ago

    Penn. Teacher and NEA Board Member Wants Unvaxed with Religious Exemptions to Die

    A Pennsylvania teacher wrote a social media post saying people who have religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine deserve to…
    4 hours ago

    Kamala Staffers Say She’s Is A Mean, Morale-Destroying Bully As A Boss

    The parade of Kamala staffers quitting is almost as big as the illegal aliens crossing our southern border which she…
    5 hours ago

    Left-Wing Lockdowns and Pandemic Hysteria Caused Rich to Get Even Richer in 2021

    According to the data global elites got even richer while the Middle Class and poor lost wealth during the myriad…
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