Looks Like Hillary Wasn’t Only Spying On ‘Candidate’ Trump But Also ‘President’ Trump

This is one of the most shocking things that I have seen in my lifetime and I watched the Watergate Hearings on television back in the early 70’s, this isn’t just about trying to get ‘dirt’ on an opposing political candidate, this is about espionage and spying on a presidential candidate and a sitting President of the United States of America.

At the center of it all, is one of the most disgusting and corrupt individuals in the history of this great nation- Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s one thing during an election to try and get dirt on your opponent, but when you literally make stuff up and claim that it’s genuine, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame entirely.

We know for a fact that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she used her office in a ‘pay for play’ scam to enrich herself and the Clinton Foundation.

But Hillary took things to a whole new level when she was a candidate for the office of President. Every dirty trick that her devious little mind could conceive of, she used against her opponent Donald J. Trump. Nobody in their right mind would have thought Hillary could sink this low, but thanks to an intrepid and brave DOJ prosecutor,  John Durham, we now see just how low Hillary did sink.

This is a stain on American politics that will be with us for the next hundred years and even more, if the right people write the history.

I have included 2 videos in this article so that you will see and hear for yourself just how disgusting and depraved this scandal truly is. And even as much as this story is shocking, like the old saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”. As John Durham is only getting warmed-up, I’m sure we will see even more shocking information and more indictments coming down the pike very soon

Oh, and if you “Google” “Durham Report”, you’ll see that the mainstream media is already running blocker for Hillary, trying to discredit Durham and make light of all this, but that was to be expected. Hillary herself is already claiming this is a “fake” scandal. What’s next, is she going to claim that this is all nothing more than “Russian disinformation” too? That’d be rich wouldn’t it?

If I were Hillary, I think that I would seek the services of a good criminal defense attorney.

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Richard Anthony

Richard Anthony is an avid outdoorsman, freelance journalist and veteran of the United States Army. Richard has written for several online publications over the last decade and he currently resides in Washington State.

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