Watch As Two White “Karen’s” Assault Black Man In Elevator While Screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’

The video below, which was originally posted to TikTok before being shared on Twitter, showed the elevator passengers using their phones to film the incident, in which the two masked “Karen’s” go berserk against the mask-less black man who just wanted to use the elevator to go to his floor.

Now, I’m no Civil Rights expert like Al Sharpton, but this situation literally screams “Racism”. Apparently, you can hit, or whip, a black man if you’re a white liberal woman, as long as you scream “Black Lives Matter’, do that, and all is forgiven.

In fact, you can be denied the right to eat at a restaurant of your own choosing and your children can be forced to eat their lunch in subzero temperatures if they are unmasked. Apparently in this liberal utopia, being unvaccinated and un-masked is worse than killing a police officer, no prime rib dinner for you, you science denier!!

This is only one of many incidents that is occurring all over this country right now, people are shaming those that refuse to bow-down before the alter of ‘Saint Fauci’. In fact, being unmasked AND unvaccinated are almost considered to be “crimes against humanity” and if you are accosted and even assaulted in public for not conforming like a little sheep, well, you probably deserved it.

This is why I carry a taser AND pepper spray instead of a gun when I go shopping, I don’t give a hoot who you are, you pull a stunt like this with me and your going to get tased and prepper sprayed and you’ll end-up emptying your bowels in your pants.

So the question you mask-nazis have to ask yourself is, is it worth crapping your pants in public to enforce your will on another human being? If you choose to do so, then you should bring a change of underwear with you when you go shopping if you happen to run into me.

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Richard Anthony

Richard Anthony is an avid outdoorsman, freelance journalist and veteran of the United States Army. Richard has written for several online publications over the last decade and he currently resides in Washington State.

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