Joe Biden Blames ‘MAGA Crowd’, Putin & Pandemic For All Of The Problems He Created

I hate to speak ill of an old man who obviously suffers from dementia and most of the time doesn’t even know where he is, but in this case I’m going to make an exception. Joe Biden shouldn’t be in the oval office, he needs to be in a facility where he can get the medical care he obviously needs.

From day one of his presidency, he has gone out of his way to destroy this country, on his first day in office, he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and things have been going down hill ever since. Joe Biden was handed a country with a strong economy, America was energy independent and a record number of people were working, wages were up and costs were down.

That is until the Chinese virus took hold and Democrat Governors all across the nation shut the country and economy down and put everybody under house arrest (y’know for 2 weeks to slow the spread).

Let’s face it, Joe Biden and the democrats took a beautiful and prosperous country and have turned it into a borderline socialist hell hole in the last 18 months and what really burns my bacon, is that they are blaming everything they did, on the pandemic, Vladimir Putin and the ‘Ultra-MAGA crowd’. They really believe that you are that stupid to swallow that whole thing, hook, line and sinker!

But don’t take my word for anything, if you want proof, go to the grocery store, try to buy baby formula, go to the gas station to fill-up and try to make a large purchase, you’ll see the results of 18 months of hard work by Joe Biden and the democrats. Vladimir Putin , the pandemic and the ‘Ultra-MAGA crowd’ didn’t have a thing to do with any of it…Joe Biden and the democrats did, but like I said, they are counting on you to be so completely stupid that you believe their excuses.

Democrats control the White House, the Congress and the Senate, they own the whole thing and to try and blame anybody, or anything else is a bold-faced lie.

I have placed three short videos in this article for you to watch and afterwards if you still believe Joe Biden isn’t lying to you, then I don’t know what else to do for you.

It takes balls to get in front of a television camera and lie like that, but I know in my heart that the majority of you don’t believe a word that comes out of this old man’s mouth, all you have to do in November, is vote the democrats out of power and turn Biden into an official ‘lame duck’ president.

We can still turn things around.

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Richard Anthony

Richard Anthony is an avid outdoorsman, freelance journalist and veteran of the United States Army. Richard has written for several online publications over the last decade and he currently resides in Washington State.

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