National School Board Group Loses Most Funding After Calling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

The leftist national school board group that colluded with the FBI and the Biden administration to paint parents as domestic terrorists has now lost most of its members and its funding after a massive backlash.

Earlier this year, the National School Boards Association was outed after colluding with the crooked FBI and the anti-American Biden administration to target Parents who dared to question the racist teachings of Critical Race Theory as they complained about the curriculum at various school board meetings.

The NSBA sent a letter to the Biden admin. demanding that the FBI investigate all parents as domestic terrorists for daring to speak up against the extremist, anti-American, left-wing agenda being fed to kids everywhere.

But in the wake of this treacherous act against parents, one local school board after another resigned their membership on the NSBA. And now it is so bad that the organization has lost a huge chunk of its funding.

Per the left-wing site Axios: “The 17 state affiliates accounted for more than 40% of annual dues paid to NSBA by its state association members in 2019, according to Axios’ analysis of documents detailing those contributions.”

The 17 state school boards that quit the NSBA accounted for about $1.1 million of the NSBA’s yearly income, meaning that the group lost 42 percent of its income.

But that isn’t the worst of the financial fallout. Axios also pointed out that aside from the annual dues, the state school boards that quit also helped foot the bills for events, conferences, and other meetings. That money is now lost to the group.

The NSBA eventually tried to distance itself from its hateful attack on parents, but it appears that the letter was just the last straw for the organization. A number of the school boards apparently had already found reasons to exit the group and the letter just sped them on.

So, states including Florida, North Carolina, Montana, and Pennsylvania have dumped the NSBA.

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