Shape-Shifting Alien Escapes Area 51

People who seek out and study UFO phenomenon (UFOlogist) and many in the military, high government, and intelligence services have known for years that there are aliens confined in Area 51.

 Area 51 is a well known top secret military installation in Nevada. One possibility is that these aliens were captured during the infamous Roswell incident that occurred in 1947.

It is well documented that during the 1950s  hundreds of UFO sightings were reported both in the US and worldwide. Whether there were any close encounters of the third kind is suggested by some, but unproven. If there were any such encounters these too could explain the existence of aliens on earth.

We now know that sometime during the night on Saturday, August 1, 2020, an alien escaped from Area 51. How the escape took place is still undetermined. there were no witnesses. None of the security cameras or alarm systems have produced any leads. “Beam me up Scotty”?

The alien that escaped Area 51 is what is known as a shape-shifting alien. This means it can change shape and thus its appearance at will. There are videos on YouTube of this type of alien walking on top of the White House. This shape-shifting ability will make it near impossible to identify the alien if he still among us.

The alien could be your Uber driver, your barber, or your next door neighbor. Where it is now or what shape it has assumed is not known. The motive or the mission of the alien is also not known or, at least, not revealed by authorities.

Sources say that this particular alien’s name is Norkado Akadmio. It is unlikely it will identify itself by this name if approached. It can speak English with a Boston accent. When in custody it often sang “Cotton Eyed Joe.” 

The only known unusual characteristics of the alien is that, regardless of its assumed shape, it tends to drool a green liquid and to release silent but deadly unknown gasses from its waste system. If you encounter a suspicious person or animal with these characteristics, please call 911 or PETA.

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