Biden Speech at Democratic Convention Was Pre-Recorded, Not Live

On Thursday, August 20th, the 2020 Democratic Convention came to a close. At the end of the night, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden read his acceptance speech from the teleprompters. 

Both Republicans and Democrats gave him high reviews. He actually made it through the entire speech without a single gaff. One could conclude from this stellar performance that Biden’s apparent mental acuity wasn’t really an issue, despite all other appearances recently giving the opposite opinion. 

Not so fast! What viewers saw that night was not a live presentation. It was a videotape that was recorded hours before, thoroughly edited, and then played at the appropriate time. While viewers were watching his speech on tape, Biden was sipping coffee with Kamala while discussing the upcoming fireworks finale which he believed was for the celebration of the Fourth of July.

Basically, anyone can read a teleprompter and give a speech if given enough time. Biden was given an inordinate amount of time because he had 127 outtakes before the final edited version of the video was finished. 

This brings to mind the Wizard of Oz when the frightening Oz with his explosive smoke and fire surroundings turns out to be an old man behind the curtain.  It was an impressive, but phony  illusion as was Biden’s speech.

Here is another news flash. Word has been leaked that during the first Presidential debate Biden will challenge Trump to a push-up contest. Like in the movies, Biden has a body double who will do the pushups in his place. It will be interesting to see how he pulls this off.

This may explain why David Copperfield, world-renowned magician, has been rumored to be participating on Biden’s debate team. 

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