Democrats Push Manufacturers to Insert Tracking Strips In Underwear

Big Brother is here and he is watching you. He has plans to watch you even more closely and almost all the time. The one item of clothing that everyone wears, whether male, female, young, or old is underwear. You may want to stock up on underwear now before any changes take place. New proposed legislation by Democrats would require tracking strips be placed in all underwear.

We know  that we are being tracked 24/7 now via our cell phones. Even if you turn it off, you can be tracked. The only way to avoid tracking is to remove the battery from your phone. It’s not that easy to do in some models.

Then, we have smart appliances that monitor us. We have smart refrigerators, televisions, even vacuum cleaners. These track and transmit information to their manufacturers and others outside our homes.

I recently bought a new Toyota Corolla Sport. Beautiful car for sure. What alarms me is that when I get in my car and start moving it often knows where I am going and when I will arrive. What else does it know?

Many of us already have one of the new AI personal assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, and Elsa to name a few. They are fun to use and can carry out fairly complex commands, but they can also listen to what you say in casual conversations even when dormant. 

There have already been court cases when dialogue recorded by an AI device was used as evidence. We have to watch what we say when within range of one of these devices. 

We can conclude that we are being monitored one way or another almost all the time. To ensure that Big Brother doesn’t miss anything, Democrats want underwear to be laced with tracking strips. 

This strip can do far more than mark our location. It can transmit certain other information about the wearer’s body such as sweat volume, oxygen content of the blood, and heartbeat. 

There are rumors that if this legislation passes and implemented fully, further legislation will come forth requiring people to change their underwear each day and wear it on the outside so they can check.

If these proposals become law, there may be a surge in Nudist Colony developments. These are just the bare facts my friends.

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