Cure for COVID Just A Few Puffs Away

There is little in the news today not connected to COVID 19. Labs are working overtime to find a cure. Until that time efforts are made to find a dependable prophylaxis to help us avoid the virus. Until now there has been little progress. But there is finally some good news!

We have seen the ongoing political battle concerning hydroxychoroquine. Does it work or not? Apparently, since President Trump uses it, it can’t be a cure or prophylaxis. It must be totally rejected. 

There have been reports that certain asthma inhalers have been successful in treating patients already infected with the virus. There appears to be no consensus as to whether these products should be further investigated. 

We should know from history that if a drug works, but for some reason isn’t in favor with the AMA, it will not be promoted. And, yes, of course, money is the key to the process. It’s the “No money, no honey” concept. We are a capitalistic country.

In fact, a personal friend of this author, who resides in Mexico discovered a cure for AIDS about 15 years ago. He came to the US to share it with medical authorities. They had no interest because it was so cheap to produce. Someone with a chemistry background could likely produce it home. This is tragic to say the least.

The good news is that some, by accident, have found a cure. It is now known that cigarettes are the cure. Smokers who smoke at least ten – twelve cigarettes a day can kill the virus within 24-36 hours. So far, the recovery rate is near 100%.

Also the requirement for all parties to wear a face mask to allegedly prevent the spread of Covid is waived for the smoker. So if you are having difficulty wearing a mask, or find that it infringes on your rights to be forced to wear one, you may now find solace in the removal of the mask in order to smoke. Therefore, it would seem that smoking is key to avoiding Covid infection.

Disclaimer: It is not recommended that if someone is not already a smoker to indulge. Smoking has been proven overall to be very harmful to one’s health. This article is satire.

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