ATF Releases New Toy Regulations

This is not a story from George Orwell’s 1984. This is a current story playing out now in the liberal-leaning state of Colorado.

In early September of this year, two middle school children were suspended from their virtual schooling program — not their literal school building, but ejected from the online learning program in place due to Covid-19.

Why? What egregious act did they commit? 

They foolishly brandished a toy while in their virtual class while others were watching the virtual class session. One of the toys was a gun clearly and comically branded a “Zombie Killer.” But, damn the obvious. This behavior cannot be tolerated!

Many reading this story still remember a time in the past when most young boys had water guns, cap pistols, and even BB guns. Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were heroes, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry was a favorite movie. Even paintball guns and Airsoft pistols are “under fire” now. To good old fashioned folks, our current culture must seem like a foreign country….and now it is.

When the infraction occurred, the school did not, as they should have, call the parents. The parents could have quickly dealt with this atrocity. Instead, school officials called the police. The police then showed up at the minor’s home and threatened to press charges.  We are talking a toy here, a toy seen on a screen from a private residence. 

This was just the beginning. ATF has now been notified of this heinous security breach. New policies are in the process of being published and implemented. Toy guns will attain the same regulated status as a real pistol or rifle effective October 1, 2020. 

Each child who obtains a toy gun will be required to be fingerprinted and forced to enter a full week long training program to ensure that proper safety practices are strictly adhered to for the toy. Toy gun owners under the age of 18 will also be required to purchase a federal toy gun license which is subject to a 30-60 day waiting period to ensure the child has not utilized a toy in an inappropriate manner in the past.

Under the new regulations, any minor who points a toy gun at any object while in the visual presence (virtual or live) of another child will be subject to the arrest, the full wrath of the court, and risks confiscation of any toy gun in his or her possession.

Any toy guns that allow the shooting of any projectile including water or Styrofoam will be banned.

A statement released by the ATF indicates that they hope these regulations will eliminate the possibility of individuals becoming used to the free exercise of their Second Amendment rights as adults by quelling their use of toy guns as children.

Many see an agenda behind all of this scrutiny. Could it be a precursor to the confiscation all guns in America?

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