Survey: 34% of White College Students Faked Being White on Applications

A new study shows that 34 percent of white college applicants lied about being white on applications. And after decades of being told white people are evil, who can blame them?

According to that college applicants have been engaging in a rising habit of lying about their racial makeup.

“Some college applicants are misrepresenting their race in an effort to use their desired school’s diversity efforts to gain admission, or obtain more financial aid,” the website reported.

Research firm Pollfish reviewed 1,250 white college applicants about their application answers and found that 34 percent “lied on their application by indicating they were a racial minority.”

A majority (81 percent) said they lied to improve their odds of acceptance, while 50 percent claimed they lied to get more financial aid.

The poll added that men were three times more likely to lie about their race.

Lying also varies by age groups, with 43 percent of people 35-44 years old, and 41 percent of 16-24 year-olds admitting to faking a racial minority status when applying to college. Those rates are lower for 25-34 year-olds (31 percent); 45-54 year-olds (28 percent), and people 54 and older (13 percent).

Nearly half of all respondents who lied about their minority status (48 percent) identified themselves as Native American on their applications. 13 percent claimed to be Latino, 10 percent claimed to be Black, and 9 percent claimed to be Asian or Pacific Islander.

Twice as many men as women claimed Native American heritage on their applications (54 percent compared to 24 perectn). Meanwhile, one in four women (24 percent) claimed to be Latino. Women are also more than twice as likely as men to pretend to be Black (18 percent compared to 8 percent).

“For college applicants who are trying to give their application a boost by pretending to be a racial minority, they may seize on this notion that many Americans of European descent have some Native American DNA in their bloodline,” said Kristen Scatton, managing editor for Intelligent. “However, research has shown that’s not all that common, particularly among white Americans.”

So, years of being told that whites are evil and years of paying deference to minorities is having an effect, don’t you think?

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