Audubon Society Conservation Group Drops 116-Year-Old Name Over Raaacism

Audubon Society Conservation Group Drops 116-Year-Old Name Over Raaacism

The Audubon Society is dropping its 116-year-old namesake because some left-wingers now say its namesake, James Audubon, was a racist.

The society, a leading U.S. conservation group, announced its name change this week claiming that John James Audubon caused “pain” because he was a slaveholder back in the early 1800s.

The society claims that its name no longer reflects its corporate ethos, according to The Guardian.

“The mission and vision of the organization have not changed,” said Lisa Alexander, executive director of ANS.

“The deliberate and thoughtful decision to change our name is part of our ongoing commitment to creating a larger and more diverse community of people who treasure the natural world and work to preserve it. It has become clear that this will never be fully possible with the current name,” the group added.

The society was set up in 1897, decades after Audubon died, because of the world-wide fame Audubon achieved with his research into birds and the delicate, detailed drawings he crafted.

However, leftists have recently focused on his slave-owning past, instead of what he has become famous for.

The woke has come for James Audubon.

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