Left-Wing Hate Machine Winning, Young Democrats More Likely to Hate Opposing Party

The hate being pushed daily by CNN, MSNBC, universities, BLM and the like seems to be winning as a new poll finds that young Democrats are more likely to hate people from the opposing party.

According to a new Generation Lab/Axios poll, college age Democrats are more likely to dislike, ignore, or refuse to interact with people who openly admit to being Republicans or conservatives.

Per left-wing, so-called “explainer” site Axios:

By the numbers: 5% of Republicans said they wouldn’t be friends with someone from the opposite party, compared to 37% of Democrats.

  • 71% of Democrats wouldn’t go on a date with someone with opposing views, versus 31% of Republicans.
  • 30% of Democrats — and 7% of Republicans — wouldn’t work for someone who voted differently from them.

Between the lines: Democrats argue that modern GOP positions, spearheaded by former President Trump — are far outside of the mainstream and polite conversation.

  • Some have expressed unyielding positions on matters of identity — including abortion, LGBTQ rights and immigration — where they argue human rights, and not just policy differences, are at stake.

Women are more likely than men to take a strong partisan stance in their personal choices.

  • 41% of women would go on a date with someone who voted for the opposing candidate, compared to 67% of men.
  • 76% of women would work for someone who voted for the other candidate, vs. 86% of men.
  • Just 68% of women — compared to 84% of men — would shop at or support the business of someone of the other party.

Looks like the hate the left is spewing is working to turn young liberals into wild-eyed haters.

The left is succeeding in destroying this country one young person at a time.

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