California Now Has 4X More COVID Cases than Florida Despite Wide-Spread Masking

The left-wing state of California now has four times as many COVID cases as Florida despite that Florida has dropped most COVID policies and California has ramped them up.

Once again, showing that mask-wearing does absolutely nothing whatever to stop COVID cases, California is a leading super spreader state.

Data from Tuesday shows California has a daily average of 6,353 cases, according to the New York Times’ coronavirus tracker. That equals an average of 16 cases per 100,000. That is a 61 percent case increase in the last 14 days.

Meanwhile, the red state of Florida, the state the media tries to smear every day as the most dangerous place in America for COVID — a claim that has ALWAYS been a media lie — is only reporting a daily case average of 1,506, or seven per capita. Florida has is now enjoying a 20 percent decrease while California has four times more cases.

As Breitbart News notes:

This comes despite the fact that California has certain mask mandates in place. According to the state’s website, individuals are required to wear a mask on public transit, healthcare settings, adult and senior care facilities, schools, correctional facilities and detention centers, and homeless and emergency shelters. Masks are “required” for unvaccinated people and “recommended” for everyone in indoor places including retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, and state and local government offices “that serve the public.”

Exemptions are limited to those with certain disabilities and health conditions and those under the age of two. That particular guidance has been in place since July 28.

Florida, meanwhile, has never had a mask mandate in place, even at the peak of the pandemic.

Read it and weep, mask Nazis.

Masks are 100 percent useless as a population-wide measure in stopping the spread of any virus.

That is fact.

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