RealClearPolitics Poll Finds Republicans Leading Generic Ballot for First Time Since 2014

Biden is dragging the Democrat Party down so bad that the Republicans now lead in the generic ballot for the first time in seven years.

The RealClearPolitics site runs its polling averages monthly and this week, for the first time since 2014, the “generic” poll shows that people are more interested in voting for Republicans than in Democrats.

A generic poll asks voters which party that are favoring — leaving out particular candidate names, just asking about the party favorability. For years most people have said they favor the Democrat Party. But it has only taken Joe Biden ten months to wipe out that Democrat advantage.

On Sunday morning, Breitbart News noted, “RCP has Republicans up by half a percentage point on its generic congressional vote, showing 43.3 percent support for Republicans and 42.8 percent support for Democrats and potentially foreshadowing a red wave in 2022. Democrats notably maintained the lead in 2020, 2018, and 2016, though RCP showed Republicans ahead by 2.4 percentage points in 2014, halfway through former President Barack Obama’s second term.”

Support for Democrats and President Joe Biden has been on the decline as the Biden administration grapples with the fallout from several failed policies at the same time.

Republican Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s win last week has largely been heralded as a sneak preview for the 2022 midterms. Youngkin notably scored well with some demographics, like independent voters, white suburban women, and Hispanics, all groups which were key in securing Biden’s win in 2020.

As close as the electorate is right now, you can bet this will seesaw back and forth, but the fact that it even is this close shows that Biden has pretty much decimated the Democrat advantage since entering the White House.

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