Waukesha Hospitals Fired So Many Employees Over COVID They Can’t Care for Parade Massacre Victims

A Waukesha hospital has fired so many employees over the COVID vaccine that it is having trouble properly caring for the children who are the victims of the Christmas parade massacre.

According to a report by radio station WISN, Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital is so short staffed that they are struggling to care for the kids run down by career criminal Darrell E. Brooks, Jr.

“It was a nightmare,” one nurse told the station. “We just don’t have enough people and [supervisors] were frantically calling in everyone they could, but it wasn’t enough. We are taking care of everyone the best we can, but it’s hard.”

The station also learned that the hospital has hundreds of openings that occurred due to employees who left over the vaccine.

WISN added:

Religious exemption requests were due September 15, and The MacIver Institute reported that more than 70 percent of them were denied.

On October 14, Children’s was forced to close its Delafield clinic until the end of December because of severe staffing shortages.

“This is because of the mandate,” one source said flatly. “People either quit because their exemptions were denied or didn’t even bother to apply. They just started looking for other jobs.”

“[Administrators] have been touting the fact that we have 90 percent compliance with the mandate,” one source told the station, “but that means that we have lost 10 percent of our workers who didn’t comply.”

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