Joe Biden Tells False Amtrak Conductor Story Lie for Fifth Time

Joe Biden has been caught for the fifth time telling the same Amtrak conductor story that was debunked years ago.

On Wednesday, Biden were heard bragging once again about how he spent years traveling to and from Washington D.C. on Amtrak when he was a U.S. Senator. But as he spoke to a crowd in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he resorted to his ages-old lie about an Amtrak conductor he claimed to have known, the Daily Mail reported.

During the speech, Biden claimed that in 2015 he met an Amtrak conductor named Angelo Negri.

Negri, Biden said, engaged the vice president in conversation and congratulated him for having traveled more than two million miles on the rails.

However, fact-checkers have discovered that Angelo Negri, who was a real Amtrak employee, had retired from the job back in 1993 and died in 2014, a year before Biden claimed he met the man.

During the event, Biden told a second story long known to be a lie. Biden said that he had amassed more than a million miles flying on Air Force Two, but he rode Amtrak back home to Delaware to see his ailing mother. But it turns out that his mother died in 2010, about five years before he reached the million-mile flight record.

Biden has told these two stories over and over again for years. And the facts have been known for nearly as long as he has told these lies.

Biden the fabulist also told a third lie this week.

During a recent MLK Memorial speech, Biden again claimed that he had participated in the 1960s Civil Rights marches. But there is no solid proof that Biden ever joined a march, stood to hear a sermon, or helped plan or participate in any civil rights events. He has lied about this for decades.

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