Election Day 2021 GOP Surprise! Why Did It Happen? What Do The Results Mean?

It was a successful election for the GOP. Republican Glenn Youngkin won the governor’s seat in Virginia over Clinton sycophant Terry McAuliffe (D) and it looks as if the Republicans will win the lieutenant governor, state AG jobs, and will gain a majority in the house of delegates.

The New Jersey Democratic Party, incumbent, Phil Murphy had a 7.8% lead in the RCP average of polls. But as of this writing, the New Jersey governor race shows Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli in a dead heat with Murphy with 99% of the votes counted. It’s still too close to call. Whether Ciattarelli ends up winning or not the election being so close makes a GOP win.

Both Virginia and NJ are heavily blue states. And both Democrats and Republicans have a lot to learn from election day:

  • Parents Matter: Most arents will tell you their first job is to protect the interests of their children. Terry McAuliffe didn’t understand and didn’t listen when they said that to him. In the second debate, he said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” But parents didn’t like what their children were being taught, especially the racist Critical Race Theory. When a Lauden County father was beaten at a school board meeting to talk about the rape of his daughter by a boy who was allowed in the girl’s room because he was cross-dressing, the dad was beaten by local law enforcement. McAuliffe doubled down on his anti-parent stance, Obama came into the state and disparaged the parents. And as a piece de resistance, his final rally included Randi Weingarten, the head of the teachers’ union, the American Federation of Teachers, whose mission is to make teachers work shorter hours for more money without considering kids’ needs.
  • The Suburbs: Many of the “soccer moms” who moved away from the party in 2020 came back in 2021.
  • Trump Didn’t Run: Especially in Virginia, the Democratic Party strategy was to connect their GOP opponent to former president Donald Trump—it didn’t work because:
  • Trump Didn’t Matter: Elections aren’t about former presidents, only about the one in office now. Trump supported Youngkin and Ciattarelli, and they welcomed his endorsement. However, neither campaign asked the 45th President to make campaign stops. Both pushed Trump-like progressive policies such as lower taxes, patriotism, and empowering citizens. This strategy allowed them to unify the GOP divide—keep the GOP Trump supporters while silently distancing from Trump allowing them to keep independents and never-Trumpers. Will this strategy be followed by Republican candidates in next year’s mid-term elections? Will it open the door for different 2024 presidential candidates? The scuttlebutt is that Mike Pompeo plans to run for the GOP nomination whether Trump runs or not. If Pompeo does run, other Republicans will follow.
  • Biden Mattered. Another reason for the GOP’s success was Biden’s awful job as POTUS and the socialist takeover of the Democratic Party. Beginning his leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, voters across the country began to sour on President Biden. Exit polls reported that voters were angry about CRC, the open southern border, inflation, empty shelves, etc. That anger about Biden’s performance affected the Democratic vote and turn-out.
  • Socialism Lost: Voters were frustrated about Biden’s socialist policies. In Buffalo, socialist India Walton won the primary against incumbent Democratic Party mayor Byron Brown. Brown mounted a write-in campaign and beat the socialist handily.
  • What About The Reconciliation Bill? The Democrats will now try even harder to push the reconciliation through congress ASAP.! On the other hand, the results may strengthen the resolve of Democratic Senators Manchin(WV) and Sinema (AZ) who oppose the reconciliation bill with its socialist provisions, higher taxes, and the inclusion of the economy-killing ‘green new deal”. Other Democrats may become fearful about their support and move against the bill to protect their own reelection prospects based on the election results.
  • Fund the Police: Minneapolis had a referendum pushed by the far left, to eliminate the Police Dept. and replace it with a Department of Public Safety. The referendum lost by a big 54%-46% margin. Ilan Omar campaigned for the referendum, but many of the leaders of Minneapolis’ African-American community campaigned against it, fearful of a bigger surge in local crime.

Election Day 2021 was one point in time, but the results should teach both Democrats and Republicans lessons about the future. The question is will they throw away their preconceived perceptions and learn from election day? The party that doesn’t learn from 2021 will lose big in 2022 and 2024.

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz is editor/publisher of the blog "The Lid." He is on the board of Herut NA-the Unapologetic Zionists! and a regular on the internet TV show the Schaftlein Report.

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