DC Comics Turns Wonder Woman Into Lesbian in Woke New Comic Series

Remember when Wonder Woman’s Diana Prince pined for ace pilot Steve Trevor? Well, not any more as the new series from DC Comics turns Wonder Woman into a lesbian.

In its new comic book series, Dark Knights of Steel, issue number two picks up with Diana Prince on her Amazon Island sparring with a female character named Zala-El from the House of El. But it is only a page or two until readers discover that Zala-El and Wonder Woman are lovers.

In the issue by writers Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto, and Wes Abbott, Wonder Woman and Zala-El are met on the Island of Themiscyra by Superman reporter Lois Lane who tells the pair that Zala-El’s father, Jor-El, has been murdered.

Zala-El collapses in grief, but soon gets a pick-me-up with a passionate kiss from her lover Wonder Woman who tells Zala-El “she will be there for her no matter what,” according to Screen Rant.

Per the site:

Zala-El is a brand new character to DC Comics. But, despite her unfamiliarity with readers, she plays a key role in what’s coming next in Dark Knights of Steel. Upon learning the news of her father’s death, she later kills one of Black Lightning’s sons at the Kingdom of Storms in an act of revenge. But, little does she know, she just started a war amongst the gods.

Wonder Woman is likely to fight alongside Zala-El in the upcoming battle between the House of El and the Kingdom of Storms. The comic establishes the couple is together, and as Diana put it, she’ll be there for Zala-El no matter what. Regardless of what happens next, it’s great to see Wonder Woman be in a queer romance, which is made more exciting because it’s with a hero with a Superman connection. Readers can see Wonder Woman and Zala-El together

Actual gay people comprise about 6 percent or less of America’s population. So, why EVERY comic, TV show, movie, and book has to be literally filled with gays simply does not reflect reality.

But the radical gay agenda has won the day in our forms of entertainment. But, the worst part of it is, they aren’t just stuffing new gay characters down our throats, they are retconning EVERY iconic character in western lore into being gay.

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