Vaccine Fail: NFL Still Canceling Games Over COVID Despite 94% Vaccination Rate

The NFL is still cancelling and postponing games because of outbreaks of COVID despite a 94 percent vaccination rate and forced masking, proving, once again, that these vaccines do not work.

The nation’s biggest sports league claims that 94 percent of its players, coaches, referees, staffers, and management personnel are vaccinated. Yet, they are still cancelling games over supposed positive tests.

Why would they have to do this if these supposed vaccines worked as advertised?

The league reported that as Week 15 rings in, there has been a surge in cases of the virus across the league.

Per The Blaze:

The Los Angeles Rams currently have 29 players who either tested positive for COVID-19 this week or were still on the reserve/COVID-19 list from last week, according to ESPN. The Cleveland Browns have 24 players on the reserve/COVID-19 list. The Washington Football Team have 23 players on the reserve/COVID-19 list, including starting quarterback Taylor Heinicke and backup Kyle Allen.

The National Football League will attempt to tackle the flood of COVID-19 cases by ending the mandate for weekly COVID-19 tests for asymptomatic vaccinated players. However, the NFL will penalize unvaccinated players – who will continue to have to test daily.

If these vaccines worked, the NFL would not have to worry that only a few are unvaxed. There were be no fears at all.

But the fact is, these medicines people are jabbing themselves with are NOT vaccines. They don’t prevent infection at all. They do claim that the vaccines make the illness less severe, but I have yet to see any actual proof of that claim.

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