Top Ten Media Lies Of 2021

During the last two years of COVID hysteria, the media has stepped up its false “reporting” about all sorts of things, all aimed at pushing a left-wing agenda to the detriment of informing the public. Here are the top ten lies of the media from this closing year.

Here are the top ten according to Fox News and in no particular order:

  • Omitting details on the Ma’Khia Bryant police shooting: Most of the media somhow “forgot” to mention that Bryant was trying to kill an unarmed woman when a police officer shot her.
  • CNN airs fake single mom story: CNN especially pushed a story about “mother” Dasha Kelly who said she was being evicted. But it turned out Kelly was speaking for someone else and wasn’t a mother being evicted at all.
  • The Lincoln Project admits to White supremacist political stunt against Glenn Youngkin: The media claimed a group of Trump supporting white men attacked Virginia’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate, and then refused to report the fact that an anti-Trump group funded by Democrats was actually responsible.
  • Liberal media misleads the public on ivermectin: The media has steadfastly refused to report that facts about the drug that has helped many evade debilitating COVID symptoms.
  • “60 Minutes” airs false claim on Gov. Ron DeSantis : The CBS show aired selectively edited video that put DeSantis in a bad light, then refused to admit it.
  • Media pushed false story about border agents using whips against migrants: Border agents did not “whip” illegals at the border, but the media continued to characterize a misleading photo as a “whipping.”
  • Networks mislead on Rittenhouse trial: The media flat out lied about what happened during the trail.
  • Washington Post downplays Russian dossier impact: Again, the media continued to pretend that the fake Trump dossier funded by the Clintons “might” be true.
  • Media insists CRT is not taught in schools: The media repeatedly dismissed complaints about Critical Race Theory in schools as a “conspiracy theory” even though many teachers and administrators fully admitted it forms a core principle of today’s educational establishment.
  • Inflation is downplayed or ignored by media narratives: The media has been trying to downplay Biden’s disastrous economy to protect him since the day he entered the White House. Their reaction to inflation is just part of that.

    Fox has more on this list here.

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