The 20 Most Important Facts America Has Learned Since Biden’s Inauguration

Ten months ago, Joe Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States. Two weeks before the inauguration, Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate (they already controlled the House). Much has changed since those days in January 2020.

Despite being a student of American History and an American politics geek, I have learned many noteworthy new facts about this great country of ours during the past ten months. If All the newly discovered facts were shared on this site, they would fill a month’s worth of posts. However, that would be a bit boring. Therefore below is a list of the twenty most important things learned since Joe Biden became president.

  1. If a Caucasian 17-year-old kid shoots three other Caucasians —It’s a racist incident. Anyone who believes that a 17-year-old shot the others in self-defense is also racist.

  3. It’s an insurrection when people illegally break into the U.S. Capitol without bringing weapons and leave without hurting anyone. However, when BLM or ANTIFA riot destroys stores and people’s livelihoods, burns down buildings, and attempts to firebomb a federal courthouse, it’s described as a protest.

  5. Parents have no say in their children’s education.

  7. The Kraken may not exist. At the end of 2020, attorney Sidney Powell was trying to prove the 2020 election was rigged. At one point in her efforts, she promised to release the Kracken. However, the giant squid-like sea monster never showed up. This disappointed calamari fans all across America.

  9. Columbus Day, a holiday that honors the explorer and Italian Americans’ contributions to the United States, is racist and should be replaced with Indigenous People’s Day. Thanksgiving is also racist.

  11. The United States, which was built on the premise that all men were created equal and that our rights come from God, is a racist nation.

  13. Spending an extra $2 trillion that some economists believe is really $6 trillion, will reduce the federal deficit.

  15. The Jewish people have a space laser that can cause wildfires.America learned since Biden inauguration

  17. Joy Reid, who has written in her blog or orated on TV bigoted statements about Catholics, Hispanics, Jews, and Homosexuals, is the media’s “go-to” person for identifying racism.

  19. One way to fight wildfires is to start another fire. Called a “controlled burn,” firefighters burn a strip of forest to create a barrier for an oncoming forest fire to use up all the available fuel. The Democrats believe the same approach will fight inflation. They think they can end the highest inflation in three decades by passing a massive spending bill to create more inflation.

  21. All Caucasians living in America are white supremacists.

  23. Anyone who disagrees with Democratic party policy is a racist whether they are really bigoted or not. The hatred of the many Democrats in the House and Senate who spew Antisemitism is ignored by the Democrats.

  25. When Obama traded a deserter who collaborated with the enemy for five Taliban generals, it was because America doesn’t leave people behind. When Biden left thousands of American citizens and legal residents behind in Afghanistan, it was because the administration said it didn’t happen.

  27. When the successor to a president who reduced illegal immigration to a trickle ends all the previous president’s border control programs snd causes a major influx of Illegal aliens, the illegal immigration is the fault of that first president.

  29. When a Republican president is accused by Democrats of collaborating with a foreign country and that accusation is proven to be false, and a creation of the Democratic Party candidate, the Democratic Party accusers do not have to apologize or recognize their error.

  31. American citizens and green card holders can be forced to take a COVID vaccine, but illegal aliens who sneak into the country cannot be forced to take the vaccine. Also, those illegals are allowed to be checked to see if they have COVID.

  33. There is a new February holiday. No, not President’s Day. It is now a tradition that Senate Democrats conduct an impeachment trial of Donald Trump every February, whether or not he is in office. February 2022 will be the third annual trial.

  35. If a president stops oil drilling on federal land, cancels oil pipelines, scares investors away from associating with oil-producing companies, resulting in a reduced supply and increase in costs, it is not the fault of the president who reduced supply. It’s the fault of an earlier president whose programs led to an increased supply, making America energy independent for the first time in decades.

  37. When a GOP congressman releases an idiotic anime video that portrays a Democratic member of Congress as a monster who is killed, the House Democrats should overreach in punishing the stupid but harmless act. The GOP Rep. should be censored and removed from all committees. But when a Democratic member of Congress calls for anyone who works for a GOP president to be harassed, wherever they are, her call for violence is ignored.

  39. When President Biden had a colonoscopy, the examining doctors said he was the perfect a–hole. Per the Real Clear Politics average of polls, that same opinion is shared by an increasing number of American’s every day.

America learned since Biden inauguration

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz is editor/publisher of the blog "The Lid." He is on the board of Herut NA-the Unapologetic Zionists! and a regular on the internet TV show the Schaftlein Report.

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