Support for Black Lives Matter Collapses

Support for Black Lives Matter has collapsed as America has now come to expect all manner of criminal behavior from these anti-American protesters.

A new poll finds that support for the un-American organization is still high among Democrats and is still at Arctic levels of support among Republicans. This may not be a big surprise. But, most troubling for Democrats, support has absolutely cratered among those who claim to be political independents.

The new poll comes from the left-wing polling group called Civiqs — which is affiliated with the extremist website the Daily Kos. So, with results this bad even coming from a left-wing organization, it is quite a blow to the left.

Of course, the eft will just explain this away as just another example of how evil and racist America is.

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Anyway, the wonderful Byron York gave us the details:

But a look at who supports BLM shows a starkly political divide. The survey found that 85% of Democrats support BLM, while just 4% oppose. On the other side, 87% of Republicans oppose BLM, versus just 3% who support it. The political parties are almost mirror images of each other, divided nearly perfectly along partisan lines.

But what about independents? The pollsters found that independent support for BLM has fallen steadily since its peak immediately after George Floyd’s death in May 2020. Sometime in the summer of this year, independent support fell below opposition. In the new poll, 47% say they oppose BLM, while 37% say they support it, and 15% say neither.

BLM has always been a partisan movement. Even in 2020, just after Floyd’s death, Republican support never rose above 9%, while Democratic opposition never rose above 3%. At that moment, in 2020, independent support hit a peak of 51%, now down to 37%.

What does it mean? Black Lives Matter remains a potent force in Democratic politics. Anything that has 85% support within a political party is going to be an influence. And it will continue to be a nonentity in Republican politics; anything with just 3% support in a political party will simply not matter.

Support for BLM was once 52 percent among independents. Now only 37 percent support the leftist, anti-American group.

This really is a sign of the times, though. The left was resurgent starting around 2015. But like they always do, they took it too far, they revealed how much they hate America, and they turned moderates against them.

Sadly, what also happens is that when the left spends a few years in the wilderness, Americans once again begin warming to the left and again imagines that they just might have some good ideas. Then, the left gets back in power and process them wrong all over again.

Americans are simply too gullible.

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