Southern State to Erect Wall

Since day one of the Trump administration, we have heard about the border wall. Over the last four years, that wall has been growing in length. Hundreds of miles have now been completed.

There is now another wall that will be built beginning in 2021 and scheduled to be completed in 2025. This wall will not be at our southern border, but rather around the southern state of Georgia. There is already talk among other southern states to do the same. 

For over 150 years we have heard the saying, “The South will rise again.” It appears this will soon be a reality.

The question is who do the Southern states want to keep out? And, what has brought this bold decision to the forefront? 

The issue is not new. It has been festering for a dozen decades or more. Constant attempts have been made and are still being made to eliminate the culture of “the South.” As one might guess this effort goes back to the Civil War era. The trend started right after the war during Reconstruction and the subsequent influx of carpetbaggers from the North.

For years people from liberal cities in the North have moved into the South and brought their liberal worldviews with them. Their culture has diluted the South’s more conservative Bible belt culture. Georgia is now committed to put a stop to the cultural erosion by building a wall around the state.

Funding for this massive project of 1.2 trillion dollars will be financed by a 10% income tax increase rate for 10 years and a 1.5% sales tax increase for 5 years. However, based on projected benefits of this project, cost of living should decrease by 5% per year. 

This will be mainly due to eliminating liberal legislators, mayors, and governors over time through attrition. There is no talk at this point about deporting people who moved to Georgia from liberal states and are already in residence.

One fervent supporter of the wall, Georgiana Morgan, of Reedsville, Georgia, complains:  “People move here to escape what their liberal legislators have done to make life miserable in their home state. So, they come here to Georgia and vote for the same type of people who will make their lives miserable. We want no part of this. Get out! Stay out!”

Based on current discussions, it is likely that the entire South will be walled off by 2030.  Alabama is likely the next state to build a wall.

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