Michigan’s Democrat Gov. Outrageously Signs Agreement NOT to Tell Voters About State Economic Plan

According to reports, Michigan’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has outrageously signed a non-disclosure agreement promising NOT to tell voters the deals she made for her new economic development plan.

So much for accountability in government! Now we have a state’s top official agreeing to keep the spending of taxes a secret from the voters!

According to JustTheNews:

Whitmer, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, and House Speaker Jason Wentworth all signed the NDA with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation regarding a $1 billion business incentive program that became law last week, The Detroit News reported.

On Wednesday, the governor said she was “covered” by the agreement signed on behalf of the administration, being one of the few who “had to be aware of some of the details” regarding possible business interests in the incentive bill.

“There’s a lot of proprietary information that is shared as states are vying for the opportunity to draw this kind of potential massive investment and future critical economic manufacturing opportunities into our states. That information is not going to be shared with anyone who doesn’t do that,” Whitmer said.

She explained that the details of the program will be made available in the future.

“Ultimately, all the terms will be aired as decisions are made at the Strategic Fund, but in the initial stages that confidentiality is important,” Whitmer added. “They’re never going to engage with us if we don’t participate on those terms.”

Sorry, you Democrat stooge, that isn’t how American government works. Politicians don’t make secret deals that remain hidden from the voters just because they sign NDAs!

But, that is how undemocratic, un-American big government operatives do things now, apparently.

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