Liberal Media Furious after Gun Company Engraves ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on AR-15 Parts

Leftist journalists went after a South Carolina gun maker after the company began offering AR-15 gun parts with “Let’s go Brandon” engraved on them.

After Palmetto State Armory began offering the LGB gun parts, NBC “journalist” Ken Dilanian attempted to sic the U.S. Secret Service on the company.

Dilanian jumped to Twitter to announce that he called the Secret Service on the company.

So, why the heck did this fool call the Secret Service? Because he thinks that an AR-15 part with “Let’s Go Brandon” on it is a “security threat” to Joe Biden.

“I called to ask the Secret Service whether they consider “F—Joe Biden” emblazoned on an assault rifle to represent a security threat to the president. Which I think is a reasonable question,” he wrote.

What is going on here?

No less than a journalist desperately trying to goad some nut to attack Biden just so he can get a good story to write about.

After all, no one thought of this and Dilanian is hoping to instigate something.

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