Left Losing Debate: Only 4% Say Climate Change Important

A new poll finds that only 4 percent of Americans say climate change is an important issue, meaning that for all the left’s harping, they are still not winning the climate change debate.

For the left, there are few issues more important than climate change. But the voters are not coming along with the left on the issue, apparently.

Eve as the Biden administration has declared war on America’s energy sector, the voters are just not on board.

Per CNS News:

In the survey conducted (Nov. 11-15) by Quinnipiac University, Americans were asked, “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?”

n response, 10% said the economy, and fewer named economy-related topics: inflation/high cost of living (8%); labor shortage (2%); and supply chain/shortage of goods (1%).

Twenty-five percent of the adults surveyed said the most important problem was an economic one.

Some of the “net non-economic problems” cited by Americans as the most important included division/polarization (11%), immigration/border security (8%), COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic (5%), and racism/race relations (4%).

Meanwhile, only 4% of Americans said climate change was “the most important problem facing the country today.”

Social justice is also a failing issue for the left. An amazingly low one percent said social justice was important.

The hardcore left is not winning the American people. Sadly, they have taken over the media, the education establishment, and the government.

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