Kentucky High School Principle Holds Assembly with Cross-Dressing Boys Giving Lap Dances to Officials

A left-wing Kentucky high school principal who is also Mayor of Hazard, Kentucky, presided over a school assembly where boys dressed as women in lingerie gave lap dances to school administrators and staffers — right in the school gym.

Photos of this gay debauchery labeled a “Man Pageant,” were posted on Twitter and they show Hazard Mayor and Hazard High School principal Donald Mobelini laughing and clapping as the boys pretend to perform lewd acts on himself and other school staffers who are sitting in folding chairs on the gym floor as students in the bleachers clap.

Many of the photos were originally proudly posted to the school’s athletics page, but have sine been deleted. (what a surprise)

During the same event, teenage girls were seen dressed in skimpy outfits and portraying Hooters waitresses. The girls then put on an S&M show where they paddled each other’s rears suggestively.

These overtly sexual acts were approved 100 percent and participated in by principal Mobelini.

In the days since the event, which was held on October 26, the school district said it was “investigating” the matter, according to the Courier Journal.

“Kentucky law provides that school district superintendents are required to report instances of educator misconduct to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). Therefore, if the investigation finds a certified educator likely violated the Kentucky Educator Code of Ethics, the superintendent is required to report this to the EPSB for potential action,” Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman, Konz Tatman wrote in an email to the paper.

“If any citizen of Commonwealth feels that that Kentucky’s educator Code of Ethics was violated by a certified educator, they can also file a complaint with the EPSB,” she added.

Don’t imagine these are just isolated incidents and your children aren’t being subjected to this norming of the radical gay lifestyle. Because EVERY school is doing things like this.

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