Florida Republican Defies HOA, Refuses to Take Down ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Christmas Lights

A Florida GOP congressional candidate is defying his homeowners association after they demanded that he remove his “Let’s Go Brandon” Christmas lights.

Republican Martin Hyde, who is running in the 16th District Republican primary for 2022, said no way to his HOA when they told him to dup the “Let’s Go Brandon” lights saying that he is dog whistling a curse word because the LGB phrase is just a cover for “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Per Breitbart News:

Hyde, who hired Roger Stone as a campaign consultant, knew his display would be provocative but did not expect it to make headlines. “Did I know it was provocative? Absolutely,” said Hyde. “Did I expect it to take on this level? No.”

Hyde denies that the display was a calculated effort to bring media attention to his campaign. He said the Christmas lights align with his campaign and personality. “It’s fully in keeping with my personality and my campaign,” he said. “Anybody who doesn’t like it, it’s one street… don’t come.”

Despite Hyde’s authenticity, Homes of Laurel Park Homeowner’s Association in Sarasota, Florida, did not approve of his Christmas display. Hyde believes the HOA’s disapproval stems from their liberal politics.

“If I put a message up there they liked, they’d be slapping me on the back. It’s got everything to do with they don’t like what it says,” Hyde said. However, the HOA’s president John Habbert denies Hyde’s claim. In an email, Habbert noted that the dispute has “nothing to do with politics,” calling it “a simple contract issue.”

The HOA falls back on the same claim that all HOA’s plead when they try to end a homeowner’s free speech: “He signed a contract.”

Thus, the HOA claimed it had the right to fine Hyde $150 every day he was in “violation” of its iron rule.

But Hyde was not at all ready to give up his freedom to the fascists at the HOA.

“When you poke the bear, there are outcomes and circumstances,” Hyde said.

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