Congrats, Taxpayers, You Paid Half a Million $$ to Build a Fence Around Biden’s Beach House

Congratulations, America, you have paid half a million bucks to build a “security fence” around Joe Biden’s Delaware beach house.

That’s right, you don’t have a secure southern border, and Biden has stopped the construction of new fencing down there, and you probably don’t have a multimillion-dollar beach home of your own, but you just helped pay $455,000 to build a wall around Biden’s luxury beach house.

Don’t you feel proud to be an American?

Per the New York Post:

In September, the department awarded a contract of $456,548 to Turnstone Holdings LLC for “PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF SECURITY FENCING AT 32 FARVIEW, REHOBOTH DELAWARE,” according to, an online database tracking federal government spending.

The contract started Sept. 21 and is expected to end Dec. 31. Construction of the fence is expected to end by that date.

The DHS is listed as the main awarding and funding office of the contract while the US Secret Service is listed as the subagency. Additional information and details about the fence have not been publicly released.

Naturally, the Department of Homeland Security and the White House are refusing to comment about the newly erected fence around Biden’s three-story beach house, with double full-length verandas.

Imagine the gall? Claiming fences don’t work and that they are “racist” as he uses OUR tax dollars to build a fence around one of his many extra luxury homes.

This is Democrats personified.

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