Comedian Bill Burr Refuses to Apologize if the Woke Don’t Get His Jokes

Comedian Bill Burr, who became a target of the cancel culture during the recent Grammy’s awards show, says he refuses to apologize for his comedy.

Burr was attacked in March after he was hired to present some awards to Hispanic artists during the pre-Grammy ceremony on March 14. During his stint on stage, Burr joked about the “feminists going nuts” because a “cis-white male” was doling out the Latino awards. And at one point during the presentation, Burr admitted that he was unsure of how to properly pronounce the name of one of the Hispanic winners.

Burr was right about the faux outrage. Cancel culture leftists revved up the attack machine as soon as he hit the stage. Burr, though, was unapologetic at the time. And he is still telling the cancel culture to take a leap.

In an interview on Tuesday, Burr again blasted the left for its attempt to destroy the careers of comedians whose jokes they dislike.

Speaking to the hosts of the Pat McAfee Show, Burr noted that the extremists — both left and right — only make up a small part of the country, and they should be ignored.

“These people that are on the extreme right & left only represent about 15% of the population.. the other 85% are just wondering when mom & dad are gonna stop arguing with each other,” he joked.

Burr added that he doesn’t think he is above criticism and said has apologized in the past after going too far for a joke.

“I’m not saying that I ever haven’t made mistakes,” he told McAfee. “There’s times I’ve, you know, pissed somebody off or made somebody cry, and if they come up and they have a legitimate thing, then I’ll apologize to them. But I’m not apologizing to a bunch of fucking people because I told a joke that they weren’t at. I told a joke at a show you weren’t at. Like, all right, so, like, how is that my fault?”

Burr has also been a harsh critic of the media for how unfairly it has covered President Donald Trump.

In July, for instance, Burr slammed CNN, MSNBC, and Fox for obsessive coverage of Trump, and called the news outlets “treasonous, un-American piece of shit.”

During his July 15 podcast, Burr called the media “fucking morons,” and added, “They’re doing what they did the first time to get this guy elected by giving him all this free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. I don’t buy it. They are a corporate news channel,” Burr ranted, ultimately dismissing them as “fucking treasonous un-American pieces of shit, just like Fox News, MSNBC, just like all of them.”

Burr also attacked Disney for firing actress Gina Carano just because she had posted a few conservative-leaning messages on social media.

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