CNN Claims Media Should Push Biden’s Agenda More, Americans too Stupid to Understand

CNN says that the media is failing because it isn’t doing a better job pushing Biden’s agenda and that Americans are too emotional and stupid to understand how great Biden is.

The left-wing “news” network featured a panel on Sunday with doughy, biased host Brian Stelter of the network’s fake news show, “Reliable Sources,” on which the panelists blasted Americans as putting their “feelings over facts.”

Leftist columnist Magdi Semrau, for instance, said the media is not doing a “particularly great job” pushing Biden’s policies on the citizens. But she admitted that Biden’s disastrous poll numbers is a “real problem.”

As Fox News added:

Later in the panel, Stelter said Americans are putting their “feelings” over “facts” regarding Biden’s handling of COVID-19 and the economy. He added that it is “understandable” that people go with those feelings “even if the facts show us a rebounding economy.”

Writer and photographer Chris Arnade elaborated on a Substack post he wrote about why Biden and Democrats are likely “screwed” in 2022, arguing most “Back row” Americans don’t watch politics too closely and generally perceive things negatively.

“It’s like the NFL and most people treat politics like they’ll tune in to the Super Bowl once every few years and that’s about it,” he said. “That’s how they view politics as something, you know, they’re not a player in it, they’re just a watcher. They support teams. They support a side. But they don’t feel like – They don’t have a say in that much.”

So, there you have it. CNN thinks the media’s job is to push Biden’s disastrous agenda and that the American people are too stupid and overly emotional to understand how great Biden is for us all.

No wonder CNN is now one of the lowest-rated networks of all cable.

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