BLM Has Yale in Its Sights

The latest Black Lives Matter manifesto has called every graduate of Yale and its law school who is involved in politics to resign.

Ronja Jones had this to say about the radical move.

“BLM is all about consistency. If Jimmy Kimmel is to be cancelled for his blackface routines, then it stands to reason that all graduates of Yale should no longer hold public office. All Yale graduates can still work for a living but only after having 20 percent of their pay deducted for reparations.”

When asked, “Why Yale?” Jones had a quick answer.

“Elihu Yale was a slave owner and slave trader. The University was built on the backs of slave labor. Those who have benefitted from that labor, even though it was hundreds of years ago, should be made to pay. Our goal is to root out every racial indiscretion no matter how small.”

Jones went on to say that their next target is to find out who profited from those disgusting lawn jockeys and develop a list of people who ever owned one. “We’re going to make them pay,” he said.

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