Biden Approval Rating Now as Bad As Trump’s

Joe Biden has raced to the bottom of the approval ratings faster than any other president, even worse than the media’s hated Trump!

Donald Trump’s lowest approval rating hovered around 36 percent which was in December of 2017. But now comes Biden hitting 38 percent — AND a month earlier than Trump’s all-time low. At this point, it seems a cinch that Biden will sink below Trump’s 36 percent.

Remember, Trump spent most of his presidency closer to 45 percent approval.

A survey published Sunday created by the left-wing USA TODAY/Suffolk University polling operation, for instance, found Biden’s approval rating is just 38 percent.

USA Today noted that “the survey illuminates the size of the hole Democrats need to dig out of as they look toward the elections in one year – on Nov. 8, 2022 – that will determine control of Congress and shape the second two years of Biden’s term.”

If the results of Election Day last week didn’t give the flailing, extremist, let-wing Democrats a wakeup call, they’ll NEVER get the message.

But Harris polling found an even worse result for VP Harris when it rated her at a measly 28 percent approval. That would be the lowest of any modern official ever. And her first year as vice president isn’t even up!

If last Tuesday’s election is any indication, Biden and Harris are going to contribute to a massive rebuke to the Democrat Party in the 2022 midterm elections.

Maybe that is why a growing list of Democrats are looking to announce their retirements instead of being part of a Party that was sent back into the wilderness.

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