Bank Denies Mortgage to Conservative Company Because of Its Politics

A conservative media company was refused a mortgage simply because the bank did not like the company’s politics. This is what the left wants to do to every conservative, folks.

They want to use their lock on corporate culture to remove conservatives from every aspect of society. They want to deny you a job, cancel you bank accounts, and stop you from being able to participate in open society unless you pay fealty to leftism.

All Democrats are fascists, folks. Do not doubt it.

The story comes from Fox News which gives us the news our of Canada:

Ezra Levant of Canada’s conservative media outlet Rebel News said the Royal Bank of Canada denied him a commercial mortgage for a new office over his website’s politics.

Levant told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday that his mortgage application was “financially sound,” but was ultimately denied by the same bank he had personally used for decades.

Upon inquiring further, Levant said a “whistleblower” at the bank told him the head office denied his application, despite his local banker advocating on his behalf.

“I only caught this because this banker at the local branch really wanted to give me the mortgage,” Levant said. “He said he was fighting against the head office.”

Levant released a recording that shows a bank employee telling him that he did not have the correct ideas to allow the bank to loan to him.

“He said it was our opinions because Rebel News, the site that I run, has conservative opinions and the Royal Bank … they do a lot of business with communist China,” he said. “I wonder if they brought that social credit approach that they have to use in China to Canada.”

“You don’t want your banks to have political criteria when it comes to mortgages,” Levant continued. “Even convicted murderers who get out of jail are allowed to get a bank account. I think this is a scandal. I found out about it by accident because I had an honest local banker. I bet you this is more prevalent than we think.”

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