Antifa leader self-identifies as violent terrorist trapped in peaceful protestor’s body

Antifa, a loosely organized and diverse array of autonomous groups, claims to be dedicated to denying fascists a platform. They also believe that the use of violence is acceptable to combat violence from their political opponents.

Antifa activist, Pat Urback, has recently self-identified as a violent terrorist trapped in a peaceful protestor’s body. This has confounded other group members who are not sure whether Pat wants to commit violent acts against so-called fascists or not.

Pat was seen arguing with a World War II veteran about who was more effective at defeating fascism, modern day Antifa or the Allied Forces. The 96 year-old veteran was speechless.

The English word Antifa originated from the German Antifa, taken as a shortened form of the word antifaschistisch (“anti-fascist”) and a nickname of Antifaschistische Aktion (1932–1933), a short-lived group which inspired the wider Antifa movement in Germany.

The Nazi Party is actually the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Pat Urback, also a self-proclaimed socialist, expressed frustration in a recent rant as to whether Nazi’s were right-wing or actually left-wing.

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