Another Giant Caravan of Illegals from Central America is Headed to the U.S. Through Mexico

Another huge caravan of illegals is moving toward the U.S.A. through Mexico in the era of Joe Biden and his disastrous open-door policy at the border.

According to a report by the Daily Mail a so-called caravan numbering at least 2,000 illegals from Central America has formed and is starting to move through south Mexico.

The migrants have already made it to the Chiapas town of Huehuetán, the paper says.

But this is already the fourth such caravan to form, the Mail added.

Per the Daily Mail:

The group is mostly made up of families from Central America and the Caribbean who are escaping from violence, poverty and hunger crises in their home countries.

Caravans with as many as 4,000 migrants have come together in recent month as migrants and human rights advocates have denounced the ‘prison-like’ conditions imposed by the administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Tapachula as part of an attempt to stop tens of thousands migrants from flowing towards its northern border across from the United States.

The groups are currently filing their paperwork in Mexico. But past groups have moved on toward the U.S., ultimately ignoring Mexican laws and immigration rules.

“At least three U.S.-bound caravans set off from Tapachula on Friday, but one of the groups made up of nearly 1,000 migrants – mostly from Haiti – decided to terminate the journey in the Chiapas city of Tuzántan and accept the government’s humanitarian visa offer,” the paper added.

These thousands of illegals will only add to the 218,036 encounters with illegals that the U.S. Border Patrol has logged from Oct. of 2020 to December.

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