All of a Sudden, NFL Finds that Players Testing Positive Don’t Transmit COVID

The NFL has immersed itself in shutdowns and game postponements over constant positive COVID tests, but now, all of a sudden, the league is proclaiming that those who test positive are not transmitting the virus.

Since day one, the NFL has been a major purveyor of constant testing and weeks of isolation for players and staffers who test positive for the virus. They have canceled games, rescheduled them, and forced people into isolation after testing positive. The league has claimed the whole time that isolating people and shutting down games will prevent people who test positive from transmitting the virus to others.

But with a huge rash of new positive results, suddenly the league is insisting that people who test positive are not really a risk to everyone else. Why? because they are shutting down too many games and it is costing them money.

Per The Blaze:

According to an ESPN report, which notes that the NFL’s stance is a “departure from the stance of public health authorities for much of the pandemic,” the NFL’s chief medical officer Dr. Allan Sills said, “We’ve really not seen this phenomenon that people have discussed, which is asymptomatic people in the facility spreading virus to others. s we’ve gone back and looked throughout the entire season, what we’ve seen consistently is that when people have symptoms, that’s when they seem to be contagious to others. And that’s why we’re asking people to come forward and acknowledge symptoms because that’s the point at which they’re vulnerable and the point at which they expose themselves to others.”

Sills was explaining the reasoning for a new policy under which the NFL has stopped weekly testing of all vaccinated players, and has allowed asymptomatic players who have tested positive to return to action sooner, if they are vaccinated.

“Our data has been consistent of that throughout the season, and I think it’s particularly true of this new variant, with omicron, of what we’re seeing. It’s all about symptom recognition and prompt testing,” Sills continued.

Right. Like anyone with any sense said from the beginning, a positive test doesn’t really mean that people are giving the virus to others.

Now that they are sick and tired of losing millions, the NFL has an epiphany.


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