Algorithm Scheduling Death Dates

An algorithm is a mathematical process designed to solve certain problems or to cause certain actions to take place based on mathematical formulas. In this modern day and age all of us are affected in different ways by algorithms. And now, there is one algorithm that is scheduling the death of most of the world’s population. Where are you on the list?

Like any innovation algorithms can be used for good or evil.  Let me share one of the good and practical uses of algorithms. My personal business experience is in the cruise industry so I will share how algorithms help in the booking of and pricing of cruises.

In this industry an algorithm is written that monitors bookings into each individual cruise ship in real time. Cruise ships contain a limited number of cabin categories including  inside cabins, ocean view cabins, balconies, and suites. 

If one category is not selling well an algorithm written into a computer program will automatically adjust the price down until demand picks up. If the ship is filling up faster than usual, price hikes will automatically be applied until prices normalize based on past history and time line. So, this is a good use of the mathematical process.

As stated earlier there are also bad uses of algorithms. We have learned through our informants in high places that a recently created algorithm will, based on the Malthusian theory on overpopulation, create a death list. Exactly who is behind this new plan is still unknown. We can be fairly sure there are some well known names behind this, maybe Bill Gates or George Soros. 

According to these elite planners whoever they are, in their thinking the earth must be saved and most of the world’s population must be sacrificed to save the few. The few, of course, are the politically connected and wealthy whose names will not be on the death list.

It’s interesting how sci-fi ultimately becomes reality. For a relevant example, there was a Star Trek episode from the original series circa mid-60s that sounds like this death algorithm was at work. 

The story line was about two warring planets. There were no armies, fighters, missiles, or guns in this war. There was no physical damage to the land. Instead, a computer calculated via virtual attacks the death count from each attack. The people who were selected as being casualties of an attack quickly reported to vaporization chambers to be eliminated. The people voluntarily showed up at the death chambers and calmly waited in line. 

The rich and powerful elites  today who created this new death algorithm want to reduce the world’s population down to one million people or less. Those people who would be allowed to live would be moved to various parts of the earth to further reduce the drain on any one local area’s resources.

The unknown factor at this point is exactly how they will eliminate eight billion people. Maybe a poison laced vaccine? Ummm? Covid-19 vaccine coming near you soon? 

We suggest as a safety measure that everyone post their obituary in their local papers now so the death algorithm will mark you as already dead. 

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