71 Percent Say U.S. Headed in Wrong Direction as Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets

As Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to fall every week, a large majority of Americans feel that America is seriously failing, putting the Democrat Party’s control of the Senate and Congress in major jeopardy.

A new poll by NBC last week found that 71 percent of Americans feel that the U.S. A. is heading in the wrong direction as millions of voters head to the polls Tuesday for a large number of off-year and special elections.


The study found that 42 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s job performance, while 54 percent disapproved. This marks the first time an NBC poll has reported that Biden has underwater approval ratings since his election as president.

Among likely voters, his approval was not quite as low. Still, 52 percent disapproved of his job performance, while 45 percent said they approved of it.

His approval has dropped significantly over the past few NBC News polls. Its August poll found that 49 percent approved of his performance, while 48 percent disapproved. In April, 53 percent approved, while 39 percent disapproved.

The numbers on the so-called COVID pandemic are not good for Biden, either. Only 51 percent of respondents said Biden is handling the response to the coronavirus well. Remember, Bien ran as the only one to be trusted on COVIS. And now he only has a bare majority approving of his actions on the virus.

That is a major failure on Biden’s part.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval is quickly approaching the worst of any modern president. In the NBC poll, only 40 percent approved of his actions overall. Only Trump was worse when he once reached 38 percent. However, it seems obvious that Biden will soon slip below Trump’s lowest rating. He is headed that way, after all.

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